That fall (yes, that quickly) Beth and I were asked to lead a Life Group by Mickey.  He knew what he was doing.  I felt pressured,  Beth felt pressured, but HE knew what He was doing. We met for the first time with another couple and Beth’s older sister.  I laid down the ground rules: I am learning and I wanted everyone else to learn too.  If what we believed in was an accurate reflection of reality, then we should be able to defend it in the same way we can defend the blueness of the sky.

We started by going through a video lesson series called What If?  A video series on the validity of Life Groups, and how to work past the questions on whether or not you should even try.  On the fourth and final week, our soul patched host talked about discipleship.

Well…he talked about discipleship, but he was meaning servant-hood.  He got the words mixed up so it made absolutely no sense whatsoever.  It was at that time that I decided to write my own lessons.  My own lessons based on my own research and learning.  I had found my outlet.  The first series?  I called it Definitions, defining commonly misrepresented words that we use all the time in our religion.  The first week we defined Discipleship.

Before Christmas even hit, we were at 11 regulars on a weekly basis.  Getting together rain or shine.  There was one week when no one showed up due to snow, and I still continued in the same way I would have.  It didn’t matter whether or not they showed up, I was going to lead a lesson.

Then He spoke to me.  Not audibly.  But I had a very weird dream.  All my dreams are based on some resemblance of reality, or else I will realize that I am dreaming and wake myself up.  But I knew that I was dreaming in these, and I knew I had to pay attention to what was going on:

As long as I followed the path that I was supposed to, our group would meet at the sanctuary with me standing at the front.  Definitely not on the podium, I kept myself at the same elevation as the seating.  We were sitting on the left side seating, a section of the sanctuary I had never sat before.  I was praising God for adding to our numbers and saw how we realized that we needed to seed off into other, new groups to have a bigger outreach to more people.  We had grown so much!

And I had another one:

I was walking behind a man in the church sanctuary.  Someone I was familiar with, but I couldn’t see his face.  I was carrying something:  a blue orb.  The man just reached the top of the couple of steps to get up to the podium and reached back to me.  I handed him my orb, I knew I had put everything I could into that orb.  He told me, “You should be up here giving this.”

“It’s not my time.”  I said as I handed it to him.

I have not forgotten the details of that dream a single day since then.  It hurts.  Dreams are supposed to resemble something like Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, with all kinds of tangerine trees and marmalade skies.  It wasn’t supposed to feel like this.

Beth and I started talking about where we needed to go with this.  Love Makes Life Sweeter was nearing its 100th post, and we both wanted to position ourselves into a ministry focused mindset.  I decided that I wanted to take a lower level job in order to volunteer at church and focus on the ministry.  I didn’t want to do this with the goal of full time paid ministry, I just needed to get stuff done.

It wasn’t really fair to Beth, the faithful one of us two.  She was leading worship, writing her book, and taking firm hold of the reins of the blog.  It made more sense for us to work to get her on full time ministry, since I have more earning potential, then she can work on helping me as well.

That’s what we did.  I took six weeks off between my old job, and a newer, better paying job that gave me a more stable schedule.  Those  six weeks saw the debut of, the blog of The Five Minute Christian, and the main umbrella website designed to feature the blogs and any other material we produce.  The only rule I had was that everything will be freely accessible to all.  If God wants to bless us for serving him, he will, but no one will have to do without a study, or book, or lesson plan just because they cant afford it.  Those six weeks also saw us move Love Makes Life Sweeter to its own website,

JT Will Return Again


 Part VI – Conclusion


The End So Far

Late Winter/ Early Spring that year…

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